By working together in relationship therapy you will learn about yourself and your partner/family member or even friend
You will see how patterns of behaviour are repeated and often it's the same argument you are having or avoiding over and over
You will learn about how past relationships affect your current and future relationships
You can explore how you currently communicate and how it is possible to change the way you communicate
You can experience asking for your needs to be met within the relationship
You grow and develop skills and understanding together, offering you a common language and approach to use even after counselling has finished.
You can explore family dynamics and how your relationship plays a role in improving the system of the family or families you are part of.
You can talk openly about things that have been difficult to bring up
You can explore all parts of your relationship verbal, emotional, practical, sexual, spiritual
You can explore your future goals and get clearer alignment
You can resolve issues and differences old and new
You can consider the root of your difficulties and release yourselves from previous and ongoing habits that are causing suffering

This type of therapy can be for any two people in any kind of relationship.