Andrew provides supervision in person at my office in Farnborough an online.

Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss working together.


Qualified practitioner = £60 per hour

Students = £40 per hour, £20 for 30 minutes

The seven-eyed, or modes, model of supervision

Mode 1: focus on the client and what and how they present

Mode 2: Exploration of the strategies and interventions used by the Supervisee

Mode 3: Focusing on the relationship between the client and the supervisee Attending to the client’s transference, learning from the unconscious Supervision of the client

Mode 5: Focusing on the supervisory relationship

Mode 6: The supervisor focusing on their own process

Mode 7: Focusing on the wider contexts in which the work happens Focusing on the context of the client

  • Focusing on supervisees interventions in the context of their profession and organisation
  • Focusing on the context of the supervisee-client relationship
  • Focusing on the wider world of the supervisee
  • Focusing on the context of the supervisory relationship focusing on the context of the supervisor